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Performances by
Liz Berger and Jessie Edelstein
Chris Emile w/Cody Perkins
Coyote Park

Pure Taste

3110 Gallery, 3110 Sunset Blvd.
Opening Night: June 2nd, 7pm
Exhibition Opening Hours:
June 5th-9th, 12-5pm (M-F)

Pure Taste is about embracing the ugly, the dirty, and the profane. We all know that we live in a filthy world. The challenge is to sublimate the grime into something we can savor. You cannot eradicate vulgarity or entropy, so rather than resist those forces, there may be merit in the attempt to acknowledge and embody them without resistance. This exhibition is about accepting the unmentionable in a way that could make you think that maybe it's not so bad to be an impure person in an unclean world.

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