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The Urge to Destroy is a creative urge.

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Silent Sister is a multifaceted production company based in Los Angeles, specializing in not only the development, financing, production, and distribution of distinctive movies and theatre pieces with a penchant for observational documentaries and essay films, but also curating and hosting fine art exhibitions.

By collaborating with some of the most inspiring talents, we are committed to fostering visionary work and generating thought-stimulating narratives. Our work is created with a global and diverse audience in mind, ensuring that our stories resonate across cultures and communities.

In addition to our core activities, Silent Sister extends comprehensive support to budding directors, assisting them in realizing their concept and exposing them to our extensive network of creative professionals.

We are fervent about transforming audacious ideas into reality and narrating innovative stories through various mediums. If you are interested in joining forces to bring your project to life, please do not hesitate to contact us. Founded by Xav Langton.

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For general enquiries please email:

Press contact: Camille Jamet

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